Are you looking for different and slightly more sensual clubs? Then you’ve clicked on the right article. We’ll give you a mini-guide on how to find the best gentlemen’s clubs in Copenhagen, so you’re guaranteed sexy experiences in elegant settings.

Regardless of whether you’ve visited strip clubs before, or you’re curious to experience sensual dancing for the first time, here’s a guide to the perfect striptease adventure.

Be picky about the clubs you choose

As with most other things in this world, there is a correlation between price and quality, and our first advice is therefore to choose a more exclusive strip club in Copenhagen. It is worthwhile choosing a strip club with elegant interiors and an exquisite drinks menu. The strip clubs’ main goal is for you to get teased through sensual dancing in an atmosphere that exudes elegance and seduction. 

Remember to bring cards and cash

When you’re planning a night out in a strip club, it’s important that you both remember to bring cards and cash. You pay an entrance fee to get in and likewise pay tips to the dancers. Most nights out include drinks, and if you want it to be a perfect night, it might also include a lap dance or private dance. More and more gentlemen’s clubs choose to offer package deals, including a limousine pick up to the club beside free drinks and a lap dance or private dance in the club.

With such a solution you’re guaranteed an unforgettable night. In many clubs they also use “chips” as a currency. You often buy these “chips” at the entrance and use them to pay for drinks at the bar. It makes it much easier for both you and the bartenders to quickly settle the payment, so you don’t miss out on too much.

Respect the club and its dancers

It’s probably a given, but we like to mention it anyway – just in case. When you go to a strip club, it is important that you respect the ground rules and not least the dancers. There is one golden rule that applies across all types of clubs, and it is: look, but do not touch. The dancers are not interested in being patted at the back or touched elsewhere, and if you do not comply with that, your evening will reach its end earlier than expected. The dancers are there to tease you through dancing. You’re allowed to enjoy them with your eyes and mind but be sure to keep your hands away.

Don’t be nervous – enjoy a sensual night out in Copenhagen

For some it might be a bit of a culture shock to step into the gentlemen’s clubs of Copenhagen. Suddenly you’re standing in a room with dim lighting, coloured lamps, half-naked women and up-beat music. However, you should try to pack the nervousness away, so you can lean back and enjoy the show. As a guest you pay an entrance fee to get in and experience sensual dancing, and the dancers are there just to fulfil this. Remind yourself that they’re ordinary people – just like you.

However, you can also go for the types of gentlemen’s clubs, combining a classic strip club with a festive nightclub. That way you can take your friends on the ultimate night out with great atmosphere, sensual dancing and partying until the early morning.